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Talking Indigenous Yeast with Fathers & Daughters Cellars on Winephabet Street

June 29, 2020

Welcome to another episode of Winephabet Street. The letter of the day is I and it stands for  Indigenous Yeast. We had the distinct honor of having guest host and sponsor Guy Pacurar, owner of Fathers and Daughters Cellars.

One of many decisions a winemaker must make when they are processing their wine is what yeast they will use to ferment their wine. There is a multitude of commercial yeast that we can choose from. Each one with a specific characteristic that helps provide the profile that we want in the finished product. However, we can choose not to use commercial yeast, and rely on the indigenous or wild yeast that come into the winery on the fruit.

Join us as we discuss the positives and negatives to using both commercial and indigenous yeast and learn about Fathers and Daughters history. Guy provided me with a sample of his Ella’s Reserve Pinot Noir and it was wonderful to be sipping it as he told us the story of how it got its name. I really enjoyed the conversation and I hope you do also!

Before we get into the interview I want to share another 5 star review with you! This one titled “Easy Listening”  One of the most user-friendly wine podcasts around. Lori asks thoughtful questions without wine geek speak! I am enjoying the “behind the scenes” info on what goes into great wine today. Look forward to catching up on past episodes.” Why not be like Killer Jones 99 and share your thoughts about Exploring the Wine Glass?!

It is time to unscrew, uncork or saber a bottle and enjoy the podcast!

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