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Winephabet Street; X is for Xinomavro

July 15, 2019

On today’s episode, we are returning to Winephabet Street.  Today’s letter of the day is X is it stands for Xinomavro (KSEE NO MAVRO). Xinomavro itself is a conjunction of the Greek words for acid and black, although this is often translated as black and sour. I was able to find a bottle at a local wine shop for $14.99 and I have to honestly say it would be case worthy. But since this there was only one bottle left, that does not seem to be in my future. 

It was not an easy bottle for Debbie or I to find. I think Greek wines have so much to offer, but am not 100% sure why they are so difficult to find. Part of me thinks it is because Americans don’t like to drink wines that they have to Google how to pronounce.

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