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Wine Importer - Alyssa Wolf

August 19, 2019

A few months ago, my friends over at #winePW were discussing wines of South Africa.  When the topic was announced I immediately knew where to go to get the best South African wine. Lyss and Ian Wolf of Red Wolf Imports ! I met them online.. (of course) and was lucky enough to meet Lyss in real life. It was interesting to me to learn about another side of the wine industry. Wine importing is intriguing, and how they got into it captivated me. 

If you would like to read my post about South African wine, it can be found at bit.ly/wpwsf.  I felt that I couldn’t do enough justice to Alyssa and Red Wolf Imports in the post, so I wanted her to come on the podcast to tell us her story and to share what it is like to be a wine importer.

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