Exploring the Wine Glass

Simon Solis Cohen; Entrepreneur & Consultant for Wine Industry

October 7, 2019

On this episode of Exploring the Wine Glass, I sit down with Simon Solis Cohen of Tating Merchants, your online resource for small batch wines.  I first met Simon on Instagram. I may have mixed feelings about the platform, but in this case it proved to know what it was doing when they recommended Tasting Merchants.

I clicked the follow button and liked several of the photos, and then there was a DM. We conversed a few times within Instagram and then decided a phone call was in order. I spoke with him as I was walking the very loud streets of NYC and we discussed how I can help promote not only his business, but the wineries he supports.

Shortly after, I received two samples; a Cabernet Franc and a Grenache Blanc; both of which I enjoyed and posted on my social media channels.

Join me today, as I interview Simon and find out more about him, Tasting Merchants, the two wines I sampled as well as other wineries in his portfolio.

Visit Tasting Merchants website.

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