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Somm Scandal; Wine Writer Wrap Up

October 29, 2018

Today, we have another Wine Writers’ Wrap Up.  We had a different topic planned for today, but in the light of what may be the biggest scandal in the wine industry since Rudy Kurniawan’s wine hoax in 2013, I thought we’d change topics and discuss what has become known as the Somm Scandal. 

If you haven’t heard, the Court of Master Sommeliers announced that they were stripping the titles of 23 candidates who passed the tasting portion of the exam and were granted entrance into the illustrious and almost mystical group. The announcement was made after it was found out that another Master Somm leaked what wines would be included in the tasting. Is this the end of the world, no? But it is a pretty big deal in the wine world.

So join me along with my fellow winelovers as we discuss the scandal, the penalties and what this potentially can mean for the future of Sommeliers.

To help support the MS candidates that were stripped of their title, please click here


A couple decided they wanted to elope. They agreed to meet at the tree they had their first date. On the day they were to meet, one of them decided they could not go through with it. The second arrived at the tree and saw a fruit. This fruit told them all they needed to know... their love would not be coming.  What was the fruit?


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