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Aridus Wine Company; Making Wine in Arizona

August 6, 2018

photo credit: Aridus Wine Company

I had the privilege of attending a tasting event at Napa Valley Wine Academy in early July.  When I heard that an Arizona winery was coming to Napa, I had to take the drive north to find out more. 

Aridus Wine Company opened its doors in 2012 after restoring 28000 sq foot apple warehouse.  It is a family owned winery that also acts as a custom crush facility. After tasting the wines, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the story behind this winery and learn about the winemaker, Lisa Strid.

The podcast is broken up into two parts. The first you will hear from Lisa as she talks about the winery and what its like to grow grapes in Arizona. The second portion is an interview with Lisa herself. Hope you enjoy!

You can watch my unedited interview with Lisa on our YouTube channel by clicking here.  Also, please head to Aridus Wine Co to find out more about their wines and how to order. 

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