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Wine Bias; Wine Writer WrapUp

July 16, 2018

In this episode of Wine Writer’s Wrap Up, I sit down with my wine writing friends and discuss our thoughts on wine bias. People have bias. There is nothing we can do about it. But do you have bias against wine packaging? What’s your thoughts on screw caps, boxed wines, critter labels, and the most recent’ the 40oz wine?!  Do you choose you bottle by your palate or is there a bias in your decision. 

So uncork, unscrew or saber that bottle and connect with us as my wine writer friends and I discuss wine packaging bias.


On this episode:

Tina Morey: Winestudio

Debbie Gioquindo: Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

Nicole Ruiz Hudson: Nibbling Gypsy


1- What’s everyone drinking?

2- Episode 4 - Wine Bias Against Packaging

  • There are lots of bias out there and things change over time.  I think the original bias was screwcaps. Where you bias? Have you changed?
  • Next up has to be boxed wine? Ever have? Were you forced to have? How was it? Black Box - Award-Winning Wines for 40% Less  - Thoughts?
  • Next… wines in cans? Thoughts? Comments?
  • Critter Labels: Some stats: A critter label is any label that features an animal, (so I guess we are a critter label) In 2006, a NYT article stated that nearly one in five labels featured an animal. The king of critters is Yellow Tail. Thoughts on brands like this?
  • The latest, which caused quite the stir on social media… the 40 oz bottle of wine.
  • Any other bias’ out there?


3- Riddle Time -
           I was standing by a railing,

           watching a ship a sailing.

           What is the Captain’s name.

           If you don’t know his name,

           It’s you to blame.

           What is the Captain’s name.

Answer found below! 

4- Wrap-Up Time
     The time for you to plug yourself a bit. What’s happening with you        in the upcoming week.

5- Next month’s title and date.

    July 9th 8pm EST - Summer Must Haves


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